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Our Massage Therapy for Health and Fitness - from classic Swedish to Exfoliating Body Treatment

It may simply look like a lot of rubbing or pressing on your body, but massage is actually a scientific process and virtually every system of the body is affected by it, either directly or indirectly.   Getting a massage frequently (once a week) can play a huge part in how healthy you are, you'll be and how youthful you will remain with each passing year - it serves as the beauty of bodywork. The reason you feel different after a massage is because properly done massage heals and invigorates tired, injured or aching muscles by increasing blood and lymph circulation.

An active person has better lymph flow than an inactive person. However, stimulation from vigorous activity can lead to increased waste, which can negate the benefit. This is where massage has a huge advantage. Massage can dramatically aid lymph movement, which together with blood, supplies nutrients and oxygen and rids wastes and toxins. It is easy to understand why good circulation is so important to our health and why massage can be so beneficial just for this purpose.

But, there are more - having a periodic massage helps keep the body and mind functioning optimally by promoting well-nourished and healthy skin, improving immune system functioning, improving energy flow, enhancing general relaxation, reducing muscular tension and associated discomfort, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, increasing feelings of well-being, enhancing flexibility and strength, increasing range of motion in joints and reducing discomfort from arthritis.

SWEDISH (30/60min)

-Improves circulation and relieves muscle tension

-Full body massage including long relaxing strokes,kneading, friction, tapping and shaping motion

SHIATSU (30/60min)
-Cure with touch of fingers
-Helps to stimulate, relax, invigorate, decongest and give an overall sense of well-being

DEEP TISSUE (30/60min)

-Focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue

-Deep & slow techniques used to relax tension in muscles  

Exfoliating Body Treatment
- Including Face
- Without Face
- Legs Only
- With Self Tanning Application
- Cellulite Treatment - Endormologie (30min)        

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