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Skin Care

Body Care

Because well-being is the health that we can feel, the holistic product line acts on skin’s hold and appearance, effectively treats its dysfunction (sagging skin, fatty dimples, etc.) and ensures vitality and well-being through the advanced MBS (Morpho Balance System) technique.

The APRES SOLEIL product line Soothing the skin and prolonging the radiance of a suntan. A line of suncare products for the face and body that is intended for skin with allergy problems, which are intolerant to the sun or with a sun allergy.
Facial products SKINCARE are designed to help fight against cutaneous ageing and to deliver effective, long-lasting solutions for various skin problems. These products are proactive so they make the most of your skin's natural resources. The result is vitality, comfort and radiance under all circumstances.
The HYDRA SYSTEM product line. Continuous skin irrigation.  
The HYDRA SYSTEM product line slows down the skin’s water loss and helps it regain its capacity to retain the water that it needs (cellular pro-activity).
The REPAIR SYSTEM product line
Helping reconstitute cutaneous tissue.  The REPAIR SYSTEM product line helps regenerate cells, to strengthen and beautify the cutaneous tissue.
Water-based Cleansing
The OSMOCLEAN product line
The first intelligent cleanser that works in perfect osmosis with the skin. In contrast to traditional cleansers that wipe the skin's whole surface equally, Osmoclean removes harmful bacteria and preserves beneficial flora thanks to its patented technique, Skin Balance System.

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