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Facials should be done once a month unless you have a specific skin concern you are trying to overcome (hyper-pigmentation, acne etc), then you should visit our estheticians more often. The reason behind getting monthly facials is that your stratum corneum - the outermost layer of visible skin will completely renew itself approximately every 28 days. In this time your skin cells are constantly being replicated from the treated cells to replace the old cells. Thus, monthly facials will help your skin cells to replicate the now healthier cells and thus give you a better complexion. Also, most skin products can take up to 6-8 weeks to start to treat active skin cells, but by speeding up the renewal process with a professionally done facial we allow these products work faster and generate better results.

Reasons to have professionally done FACIALS:

  • Increase Circulation of the blood under skin
  • Decrease waste underneath the skin
  • Help smooth fine lines
  • Slow the aging process
  • Cleanse pores on a much deeper level
  • Lighten dark spots and even skin tone
  • Provide deeper exfoliation
  • Allow esthetician to advice you on facial product you should be using at home
  • Allow to relax you

We offer the fallowing Facials:

Deep Cleansing Facial                               
customized treatment to suit your specific skin type
- with Cold Treatment
- with Collagen Treatment
- with Youth Treatment
Improves elasticity and reduces fine lines facial

Revitalizing Facial (Youth Treatment)
- Energizes for healthy radiant skin Facial
- Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Improves circulation, clears acne

Microdermabrasion  Facial
- Recommended 6 -8 treatments
- Mechanical treatment for exfoliation of congested pores, blockheads and whiteheads without inflammation

- Skin rejuvenating experience uses Gama PGA and
- Nano Mist Technology combined with 24 Karat Gold
- Lightens, brightens and hydrates the skin leaving it firmer and more youthful

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