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At Dorothy’s Day Spa it's all about you.  And it's all about your time.  All we ask is that you give us your time and we'll do the rest. Our services are carefully customised to suit your individual needs around your busy schedule.  We are passionate about wellbeing - so we have created a place where our clients - the most discerning women can recover, relax and be pampered with our wide range of customized spa treatments.

Dedication to our clients is our mission. During the visit our staff will ensure each treatment is tailor made for your individual requirements, whether it's a 10 minute eyebrow shape or a 60 minute massage.

To acheve our goal we vigorously research cutting edge products from around the world and explore the newest of nature’s touchstones to help each client feel as healthy and satisfied as possible with the results of their unique beauty regimens!!

Today, we decide at a very young age to do all we can to maintain healthy lifestyles, and avoid physical and emotional toxicities.  Our clients are women of every age.  They are fully engaged in professional and creative lives, family lives and social schedules. Because of this forward looking mindset, feeling and looking beautifully young as we age has become not only attainable but fun!!  Our clients expect us to help them accomplish their attainable healthy youthful glowing result.  To this end, again, you can depend on Dorothy’s Day Spa to test each and every new product prior to our recommendations!  

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